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Our niche is to always be the Crafter of Customisation and the Bestower of Flexibility in African tours.


An increasing number of clients are viewing our range of tours and trying to join some of them up, by giving desired exclusions and inclusions or, for example,  preferring self-drive for part of the experience and fully guided for the remainder of the safari. We welcome these challenges. Indeed it is our very raison de’ etre.


At the outset, we also want to state that we are proudly LGBTQ-friendly and can reserve tours for such communities exclusively, if preferred.


“Brilliant service from start to finish. Fab place to visit and as we had a relatively short time we managed to see so much. Well planned itinerary, first rate guide who made all the difference. Having taken self drive trips in the past I wish we had used Siya Phambile before, we could have avoided car hire issues, wrong turns and hotels that disappoint ! Already planning our next trip. Thanks so much x”

— Tracey | UK

Tell us what you would like to see and do, and with our knowledge and contacts we will



that suits your needs, budget, time-frame and interests...




for all ages and for people with the will to travel and have an adventure...




to get out into Africa and to the less-explored places of this great continent for memories and experiences that will amaze and inspire you...





and most importantly, to enjoy!

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