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Payment Methods

You're Ready To Rock n' Roll

After all of the planning and dreaming, this is where your journey becomes concrete. It's time to lay down your payment, and prepare for your trip of a lifetime!

We offer several payment services that you can choose from, all of which are safe and secure

If you have any queries or challenges, please don't hesitate to

Pay Genius Smart Payments | Online payment service
Internationally recognised payment solution, 'the faster, safer way to send money...'
Please contact us to use this option

PayPal | PayGenius | MobiPaid

Payment method accepting credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal via secure email payment


Online payments in your own currency through your own bank | Available in over 100 countries

No international transfer fees | No bank commissions | Great exchange rates
Simply pay the amount quoted into a regional bank account, using the online payment gateway button below
For international clients, this is very convenient but allowances must be made for exchange rates. We, by law, invoice in local ZAR currency, and the payment amount will vary depending on currency exchange
Convenient for local clients
Fees and exchange rates are according to your bank's charges
A secure transfer method, handled by the Banks


Our general banking details

First National Bank

Siya Phambile Expeditions

Branch Code -250655


Republic of South Africa

Payment in Rands (ZAR)

Account Number - 62660768072

Payment in Pounds Sterling (GBP)

Account Number - 62811189712

Payment in Dollars (USD)

Account Number - 62811189928

Payment in Euros (EUR)

Account Number - 62811189704

EFT | Electronic Funds Transfer

Direct wire transfer between bank accounts

the small print (Tcs & Cs)

We quote prices for an entire trip. For full details of what is included, an itinerary will be sent to you.

- In order to secure a trip, our policy is to call for a payment of 30% (thirty percent) of the total cost quoted to clients up front so as to secure our providers of accommodation and related parties.

- The balance owing of 70% (seventy percent) is due 30 (thirty) days before a trip starts

- If the trip is cancelled prior to the agreed start date or balance payment, an administration fee of 10% (ten percent) of the total trip cost quoted will be levied to cover our costs relating to the cancellation of bookings, refunds of deposits, time costs and the like.

- If a trip is cancelled within 30 days before start of trip, or after balance payment, 90% (ninety percent) is levied.

Please note that all calculations regarding refunds will be done based on prices expressed in SA Rand (ZAR) and converted at exchange rates ruling at that time and NOT on the  exchange rate applicable when you made payment.

- You may wish to take out travel insurance to cover any possible shortfall.


Private tours (i.e. tours reserved for ONLY you, and preventing others from joining the expedition) will increase the cost. A surcharge will be levied, where clients wish to reserve a tour for their exclusive use. It is highly personal though, with your own guide, so the extra costs are to compensate for this.

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