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Adventure Off The Beaten Track

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Botswana Camping

We are planning an epic expedition through some of the greatest wilderness areas in Africa. We travel off the beaten track through the wide expanses of Botswana, visiting some of the wildest places on safari, mostly untouched by man and teeming with African wildlife. On the journey in general, we will expect the unexpected!

Nelson Mandela

Explore South Africa

Explore the rainbow nation - famous for Nelson Mandela, Die Antwoord, Rugby, wildlife, and more! Often called the world in one country, come and experience Safari, Culture, History, Beach and Landscape!



Take a journey with us traveling slowly through the fascinating arid parts of the north of South Africa, the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. This is a haven for the desert wildlife of the region, a place untouched by man and remaining primeval in nature.

All tours are fully customisable, so please               for detailed itineraries and start planning your perfect safari now!

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or consider sketching out your own safari which combine your favourite parts of the following trips

All tours are fully customisable, so please               for detailed itineraries and start planning your perfect safari now!


Wildlife Safaris

Explore the great wilderness areas on the continent of Africa, so experience and search for the wildlife and the bush atmosphere on your journeys. As they say, once bitten by the African bug, you will return again and again!


African Beaches

Southern Africa essentially has a 'cold' Atlantic ocean, rich in marine life but desolate on its desert coastline. And a 'warm' Indian Ocean, showcasing beautiful white sandy beaches, palm trees, and an unusual African flair to it!


Cultural Diversity

Known as the place where humans first evolved, and where our ancestors left to the far reaches of the world, return home to visit some ancient traditions, cultural roots, surprising diversity and the soulful African spirit!

Basically there are many different aspects of travel, and with so many options and decisions, take a look below at some of the aspects of the safari which effect you.


Once you have an idea of your intentions, we can take it from there and you can start preparing for your expedition

...we offer safaris that suit a pantheon of interests, experience, styles, groups, and budgets

Day Tours

Day Tours

Everything In Between

In Between
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Cape Town | The Mother City

Spend a day or two with us exploring one of the best tourism cities in the world! The Mother City, as Cape Town is known, has a leisured lifestyle, and the slow pace acts on the backdrop of the famous Table Mountain, and bordered by both the Indian & Atlantic Oceans. We are able to take full advantage of the diverse sights and experiences of this beautiful city; from the city bowl and its interesting history, to the scenic drives along the coast, to fantastic wildlife and beaches, to wine-tasting, great food, culture and more!

Safari, Africa, Johannesburg, Soweto, Apartheid, Gold, Holiday, Travel

Johannesburg | City of Gold

Spend a day or two with us exploring the beating heart of South Africa; The City of Gold, as Johannesburg is known, has an energetic lifestyle, and the high pace acts on the backdrop of a tumultuous and literally rich history. We are able to take full advantage of the diverse sights and experiences of this financial hub; from the city centre and its interesting history, to the cultural and political history of Soweto and Apartheid, to wildlife and more!

Bloemfontein Day Tours

Bloemfontein | City of Roses

Spend a day or two with us exploring the literal centre of South Africa. The City of Roses, as Bloemfontein is known, or the Place of Cheetahs, as its local name Manguang signifies, has a rather rural lifestyle, and the country pace acts on the backdrop of a fascinating and less well known history. We are able to take full advantage of the diverse sights and experiences of this capital city, the home of the highest court in the country, nature reserves, stately buildings, military memorials, sports fanatics and more!


Join us on a trip to remember! Excellent for first-time travellers to Southern Africa, and equally good for seasoned veterans, as the tour is fully customisable. Both private and fixed date group tours.This is a perfectly balanced adventure to Africa!

Cape Town


We explore the northern parts of South Africa, where the land is steeped in history and spectacular places. From the City of Gold, to the Cradle of Humankind. The border of Zimbabwe, along a cultural route, sampling local beer, arts & crafts, dancing, traditions and more, before ending off in the world-renowned Kruger National Park.

Venda Traditional Rondavel


Take a journey with us around the south western Cape, as we explore the diversity and majesty of one of the most unique areas in South Africa. From the world class city of Cape Town, we explore the fynbos region, rich in a large variety of plants, small animals, and majestic scenery. We explore the stretch of magnificent coastline known as the Garden Route, sample the Little Karoo, and explore the greater Karoo area.

Cape Mountains Fynbos Karoo


Experience the less-travelled path of the Zulu Kingdom and surrounds, combining beach & bush and more!

KwaZulu meaning 'the place of Heaven,' provides so many opportunities for the intrepid adventurer. ​Game-viewing and walks, scuba diving, fishing, boat trips, cultural tours, local food, and just a majestic setting are just some of the features of this expedition

Africa Elephant Safari


We explore the western parts of South Africa, where the land is more arid, but nonetheless spectacular. From the West Coast, through the flower region to the desert and Orange River, border with Namibia, to the Kalahari and back through the Karoo.

Springboks South Africa


Fancy taking a trip to Mars? Join us as we journey into the more arid regions of Southern Africa for a trip to remember! Visiting some otherworldly locations and exploring the region surrounding the Kalahari Desert, we journey into some of the most remote wilderness areas in search of both wildlife and solitude! Beginning in the wilderness of the Ais/Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier Park, we head across from South Africa to Namibia and the Fish River Canyon. From there we journey across to the Kgalagadi wilderness for wild camping!

Richtersveld 4x4 Namibia

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