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Going Forward Together

"I am because we are' - Ubuntu philosophy in Africa

Siya Phambile is a Zulu term meaning 'going forward together,' and encapsulates the core translation of our business and ethics


We are a passionate African-based company specialising in customised safaris that offer a variety of experiences and travel to different places... Our focus is on giving the opportunity for both first-timers and experienced travellers to appreciate the full majesty of Africa in all its glory, by travelling off the beaten track to unique and less well known areas. From Day City tours, to Weekend Trips, to Month-long Expeditions, we can customise it for you

All of which set us apart from our competitors to offer you a special experience that gets full value for your money

Meet The Team



Expedition Leader

South African

Benjamin has several years' experience as a qualified guide, both at a local lodge/reserve level and with overlanding tours. He is registered as a Tourist Guide with the National Department of Tourism and carries FGASA qualifications.

He has studied both architecture and a social science masters related to the urban development field, with an interest in history, research and policy.

Having traveled throughout Southern Africa and Europe, with a passion for wilderness, travel and conservation issues, he hopes to share and inspire these through expeditions.




South African

Veld spent a large portion of his working career with an international mining house where his duties included financial management, strategic planning and the mentorship and development of management trainees and staff.

From 1996, he started his own company Veld Cooper & Associates (Pty) Ltd (VCA), which provided a range of human resource development interventions across South Africa. VCA recently celebrated their 20th year of existence. He resigned from the board in 2010.

In 2004 he started up another successful company Siya Phambile Consultants (Pty) Ltd (SPC) which specialised in educational quality assurance and the accreditation of emerging providers of education and training nationally. 

Veld holds several international and local professional business qualifications. He has spent most of his spare time camping, caravanning, canoeing, enjoying the outdoors and is also an author. He has had a lifelong interest in music, politics, history and international affairs. In 2016 he turned his full attention from SPC to co-founding our expeditions company, Siya Phambile Expeditions.




South African

Neville owns and runs a steel pipe bending company Caben Steel Trading, which focuses on family values and providing exceptional service in the industry. Having run for three decades, he continues to use it as a passionate platform to help with community initiatives like Woza Moya 'Little Travellers' and sustainable practices like Caben's indigenous nursery.

Growing up in Phalaborwa, he has a deep love for the bush, and has regularly travelled to the wild places of Africa. This passion transferred to his son, Benjamin, and he has been the principal investor in Siya Phambile.

Through his help, SPE continues to grow from strength to strength, and serves as part of Caben's social corporate responsibility.



Master Driver

South African

Hailing from the Eastern Cape of South Africa, Amos has a real passion for driving. Joining us on many expeditions, his focus is on travelling safely and maintaining our vehicles.

Friendly and helpful, and a natural lover of people and nature, Amos goes the extra mile to make sure our trips run safely, in all vehicle types, from cars to minibuses to larger vehicles.



Expedition Hand


Farbice was born and raised in Cameroon, and as such speaks French as his number one language. Having lived and studied in South Africa for the past ten years or so, his English is now almost perfect!

Fabrice will soon hold a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering, and plans to pursue his Phd, but in his spare time he helps with expeditions as both a driver and camp hand, and French translator.


Naturally Fabrice has a passion for Africa and people, and his warm, friendly nature endears him to guests.


The People & The Bush

Our Service


The two key aspects of our tours include the 'canvas' which is the bush and the landscape in which we experience our trips. This is focused on the Veld, the unique word for the bush or the savannah in Southern Africa, which we aim to conserve through showcasing the natural world and related places like heritage sites, cityscapes, beaches etc.

On this backdrop, the other key ingredient is the people; both of the African soil and of our travellers. We are all linked to the natural world, and our service to people through the experiences of visiting the Veld and enjoying the company of its fauna and flora, and the 'vibe,' all comes together as an expedition!

People help to show us the way, in nature, and we serve this through our work.

Our Vision

To provide a service business in a spiritual, meaningful way; safely and as comfortably as possible, in order to connect as many people to their 'primeval selves,' their African selves. We hope to generate learning, create an experience and have an adventure!

Our Mission

To become the leader in offering expeditions for dedicated, passionate, committed and like-minded travellers to experience Africa; exploring ideas/concepts in the process and to share these. Involving local communities, applying the ethics of sustainability and conservation with tolerance and with no racial or creedal discrimination.


In the spirit of 'going forward together,' we have partnered with several organisations, companies, institutions and charity organisations. These partnerships all help to serve the sustainable and ethical interests of the tourism, conservation, travel and local community aspects of Africa.


We are represented online by, the 'largest online marketplace for African safari holidays.'

SATSA Logo Cropped.jpg

We are bonded by SATSA, the Southern African Tourism Services Association, established in 1969. At SATSA, they 'strive to maintain three key qualities in all the work [they] do: credibility, value and authority.'

The Safari Index Africa, Safari, Eco-tours, Holidays

We work together with, a local online platform 'focused exclusively on safaris and eco holidays in Africa, the Safari Index provides expert reviews on hundreds of game lodges, bush camps and tours as well as concise summaries of Africa’s renowned game reserves, national parks and safari areas.'

Ollami Logo

Ollami is the marketplace that puts travelers in direct contact with local Destination Management Companies (DMCs)

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