Boasting a coastline that stretches for nearly three thousand kilometres, the South African coast is as varied as the large nation itself. From the West Coast, an arid coastline teeming with marine life and interspersed with awesome scenery, down to the Southern Coast, where we find some of South Africa's top tourist destinations, with fine restaurants and accommodation. Whale and shark spotting, along with other marine life too. In between we find the East Coast, where the wildness comes out with spectacular stretches of untouched beaches, over the horizon to the sub-tropics with picture-perfect sandy beaches, where leisure time is the name of the game! Did we mention scuba-diving, fishing, and surfing?


The tour begins in Durban and takes 28 days to travel slowly along the fascinating and diverse coastline of South Africa, rich in both scenery, marine life, and activity. You will visit various coastal stretches that each offer unique experiences with a chance to experience the diversity of this historic and magnificent coast, finally ending in the the city of Cape Town

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Arrive in Durban (flight for own expense), be welcomed and taken to your hotel.

On the starting day, take breakfast at your hotel and we will have a pre-tour briefing; the plan, signing of indemnity forms, checking baggage, etc.


Setting off early in the morning from Durban, we travel up the coast to begin our journey right on the northern border with Mozambique, at the sub-tropical reserve of Kosi Bay. Spending three nights there, we enjoy the magnificent sandy white beaches, the thicket set along the dunes and a myriad of ocean activities that can be enjoyed, from snorkeling, canoeing, fishing, boating, to just relaxing on this pristine stretch of coastline.

Leaving Kosi Bay, we move down the coast to a place know as isiMangaliso, and settle in at St. Lucia for two nights. Being another fantastic estuary location and part of the isiMangaliso Wetland Park, there are options to scuba dive, enjoy the wild surrounds, eat great food, and continue with other activities according to your fancy. Being the dolphin coast, this part of the coast yields fantastic views of the animals all-year round.

From here we move downwards back to Durban were we settle into the beach-front of this world-class city, enjoying some time at the aquarium, the fine bars and restaurants along the front, and the warm waters where surfing is buzzing!

week one

elephant coast

Heading out from the city of Durban, we now enter the famed and rugged coastline known as the wild coast. With various rocky outcrops interspersing a long stretch of pristine white beach, we explore all that this rural area has to offer. First staying on the border of the wild coast at Port St. Johns.

We move on to Bulungula, where a rustic setting of untouched beaches set in the heart of traditional Xhosa villages allows us to experience a remarkable aspect of tribal and rural Africa. It is here that we spend three nights, where rural life allows us to relax and enjoy the variety of activities on the coast; horse-riding on the beach, canoeing up the rivers, village visits and more.

From there we move down to Mazeppa Bay, a fantastic resort set on the beach, where we continue our experience of the wild coast for three nights. Fantastic fishing, exploring the coastal forest, and just having a holiday!

week two

wild coast

Shifting further down the coast, we travel along the sunshine coast, famed for its more friendly beaches.

We stop over right in the centre of this stretch of coastline, at a base for five nights that allows us to fully explore the various kilometre-long sandy beaches, framed by untouched coastal thicket and separated periodically by shallow rivers that wind up into the hinterland.

Here you can enjoy fishing (in both the estuaries and on the shores), take boat trips up the river, take long, usually undisturbed meanders along the beach, visit quaint, local restaurants and bars and take time out on the trip to really relax in relatively unspoilt wilderness with a calming sea to put you to sleep at night.


From here we travel for a night to the friendly or windy city that is Port Elizabeth. We take time to explore the beach front with more 'developed' activities on offer; a fun-park, historic attractions, markets, a world-class casino, and a variety of restaurants and bars overlooking the bay. For the more adventurous, a boat trip around the bay, a visit to the local bird-sanctuary, or a trip along the coast are all available.

week three

sunshine coast

Finish the final week off along the famous and magnificent stretch of coast that takes us slowly down to Cape Town, known as the Garden Route, where the wilder parts of the coast start to become very civilised and fine dining, and a more 'developed' experience can be enjoyed.

We spend two nights at Tsitsikamma, within the Garden Route National Park. Magnificent trails along the coastline where we cross rough seas on suspension bridges as well as some of South Africa's largest natural forests can be explored.

From there we move on to Knysna, where this lively town nestled alongside a magnificent natural lagoon with a sheltered entrance to the sea amongst a small gap between two tall rocky outcrops known as the Heads all greets us.

A town famed for its mixture of hospitality, festivity and wilderness; great seafood, lively bars, great shopping, and local hospitality are all mingled along sensitive estuary fauna and flora, and framed by mysterious mountains and forests. We spend two nights here in order to enjoy the various activities on offer, depending on your tastes and interests.

We finally travel down to Cape Town and its hinterland for the final days of our tour. This world-famous city is nestled along miles of various coastline and secluded beaches, with the world-famous Table Mountain set right in its centre.


We use Cape Town as base in order to explore as much as it has to offer; from the national park along the peninsula, to taking a boat trip off the coast to view the marine life (such as seals and the Great White Shark), to the nesting site of African penguins, to getting up close and personal (in a cage!) with great white sharks, to the trendy V&A Waterfront, to a trip up the west coast to a beautiful lagoon surrounded by a vast array of plant and flower species on full display in all colours (especially during spring).

week four

the cape

post tour

Final morning in Cape Town, debriefing, own transport, accommodation, flights home.


take a look at the FAQ page for more detailed information regarding expeditions

Every evening the group comes together for a discussion on the next day's schedule, places of interest, possible sightings, group input etc.


All meals are provided unless specified otherwise (some meals for own expense at a restaurant).


All drinks (bottled water, soft-drinks, alcoholic beverages etc.) are for own expense, a fridge will be provided to keep these cool for the group.


All activities listed in the schedule are inclusive, but several optional activities én route (scuba-diving, surfboard hire, shark-cage diving etc.) will be for own expense if chosen.


Whilst the itinerary is fixed, separate time will be given for own activities along the journey for personal and special interests. Every night's accommodation will be fixed and guaranteed.


Weather plays a large role in the coastal areas, and this of course we cannot guarantee, but only hope for the best and travel during the summer & spring months (September to February) to maximise fair weather opportunities.

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