Spend a day or two with us as we explore the diversity of one of the most important, but understated cities in South Africa, Bloemfontein. Also known as Manguang, 'the Place of Cheetahs' is one of South Africa's capital cities. It enjoys this status as a host to the supreme court of the land. Being in the geographical centre of South Africa, its past is equally central but not well known. It was here that we explore the fascinating history and sites of the city; a place that is home to the English, a pillar of Afrikaans society, and a prominent figure in the birthplace of the African ruling party, the ANC. Stately buildings line the centre of town, a haven for the political history of the country. Within Bloemfontein is found a nature reserve overlooking the city, fantastic memorials to the Anglo-Boer War and the women and children who suffered in that time, and more!


The tour begins with a pickup point of choice (such as your accommodation) early in the morning, and we spend the day traveling all over Bleomfontein at a leisured pace. We begin with a scenic drive up onto the Franklin Nature Reserve, and Naval Hill which overlooks the city and gives you your bearing in this flat countryside. From here travel through town, visiting the oldest church in the city, and onto the spend time in quiet remembrance at the Women's War Memorial, also highlighting the Anglo-Boer War. The afternoon is spent exploring the centre of the city, with its stately buildings, amongst them the supreme court of South Africa. We also have a chance of enjoying the countryside at the botanical gardens and other sites of interest for your choice.

from €49 per person

2017 rates (14% VAT inclusive)


We require a full day (or better two!) to truly sample the experience that Bloemfontein has to offer. The pick-up point will be for your choice, at your accommodation or a central location, and we cater for a fully-inclusive tour, or a more optional one where you are responsible for food and the sites chosen.


We begin our tour early in the morning, picking you up at your place of choice at 08h00. We travel up onto the Franklin Nature Reserve, holding antelope species and giraffe. This is also known as Naval Hill, sited in the centre of Bloemfontein, and holds great panoramic views of the city to orientate ourselves. Atop the hill stands a huge statue dedicated to Nelson Mandela and our struggle for freedom.

From here we travel through town and visit a magnificent old church, steeped in history through the times and the oldest church in Bloemfontein. We head past the Queen's Fort, and onto a peaceful patch of ground; this holds the Women's War Memorial, and a fantastic experience to respect the Anglo-Boer War.

We then enjoy lunch, which could be at a local restaurant, or picnic-style depending on your choice.


nature reserve & war memorial

After enjoying a lunch, we head into the city. We travel to the 'sandstone' mile, the centre of Bloemfontein. It houses many stately building from the 19th century, one of which is the supreme court of South Africa. We get a chance to walk around and admire the various sites, including a visit to the fantastic National Museum.

Depending on your tastes and interests, we travel to a variety of other sites; the botanical gardens, cheetah experience, a sports tour where Bloemfontein is steeped in sporting traditions, or a visit to one of the many military sites. Also found in Bloemfontein is a large workshop dedicated to the repair of old steam trains. The choice is yours!


the 'sandstone' mile

post tour

We transfer you back to your place of choice within Bloemfontein after dinner.

To get the most out of a short trip around Bloemfontein, join us on a two-day tour that will try to scout most of the highlights of both Bloemfontein and its hinterland.

Try a trip up to the ancient crater, the Vredefort Dome, exploring the rural areas, towns, and fascinating history of one of the world's largest intact meteorite craters. We can explore the dome and its history, see wildlife in the local nature reserves such as Soetdoring, and enjoy the serenity of the vast flat landscape of the Free State.

Or spend the day exploring the neighbouring Lesotho, within a short distance to Bloemfontein, and bordered by the Maluti Mountains. Visit this beautiful, rural country, with its friendly people, majestic passes, scenery, and try horse-back riding, hiking, or fishing.

Why not make the most of the region and explore other areas not on the day tour. A visit to the local and functioning workshop for steam-engine trains, visit Clarens and Golden Gate Highlands National Park, for local beer and arts, and wildlife, a township tour and more! Or combine all of the above in a brief adventure across the Free State and surrounds...

two-day tour

vredefort dome | Lesotho | and more


take a look at the FAQ page for more detailed information regarding expeditions

The tour is includes all entry fees, transportation, toll gates, and a personal, knowledgeable guide.


Lunch will either be provided, picnic-syle, or can be enjoyed for own expense at a local restaurant. Dinner will be for own expense at a local restaurant.


All drinks (bottled water, soft-drinks, alcoholic beverages etc.) are for own expense, a fridge will be provided to keep these cool for the group.


All activities listed in the schedule are inclusive, but several optional activities én route (optional museums, sports tour, cheetah experience etc.) will be for own expense if chosen.


Whilst the itinerary is fixed, separate time will be given for own activities along the journey for personal and special interests.


The tour does not include accommodation, tips for local guides, restaurants, and your personal guide.

This tour can be arranged to be private, with no other people. A surcharge for this luxury will be charged. Alternatively, this can be a group tour with other people.

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